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Facing an Enormous Public Debt, Japanese Starting to Change Attitude Toward Gold
Published by Philippe Herlin | Mar 27, 2014 | Articles

Up until now, Japan was the exception among Asian countries that are hungry for gold (China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia), and even seemed odd, because Japanese people would get rid of their gold, to the point that Japan was showing a negative balance. These days seem like they are over and that awareness has risen in the course of 2013. Does this bode for a big change?

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How QE and Stock Buybacks Reinforce Each Other
Published by Philippe Herlin | Mar 13, 2014 | Articles

Funny how the Fed and Big Business are not true to their primary function (guarantee the value of the money, invest and increase profits) and would rather manipulate the tools at their disposal, for which they are responsible, that must be used to establish objective measures (dollars, stocks)in the economy. They’re acting as if there were nothing else left than subterfuges with this depressing situation in the real economy...

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Crisis in Emerging Countries : After So-Called Global Recovery, Back to Harsh Reality
Published by Philippe Herlin | Jan 30, 2014 | Articles

The specter of a crisis in emerging countries is back. A veritable tsunami is sweeping through their currencies : The argentine peso has lost 20% to the US dollar since the start of the year, the turkish pound has lost 30% over the last twelve months. The mexican peso, the brazilian real and the south african rand are caught in this downward trend as well.

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Warning: European Guidelines for Looting Your Bank Accounts Are Now Official
Published by Philippe Herlin | Dec 18, 2013 | Articles

We’ve already talked about what happened in Cyprus last April : the confiscation of bank accounts over 100,000 euros to shore up local failing banks. We also explained that it was but a rehearsal for future settlement of banking crises : directly looting depositors’ accounts. And, case in point, there is a project being put in place to formalise this procedure.

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