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Warning: European Guidelines for Looting Your Bank Accounts Are Now Official
Published by Philippe Herlin | Dec 18, 2013 | Articles

We’ve already talked about what happened in Cyprus last April : the confiscation of bank accounts over 100,000 euros to shore up local failing banks. We also explained that it was but a rehearsal for future settlement of banking crises : directly looting depositors’ accounts. And, case in point, there is a project being put in place to formalise this procedure.

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Says Bernanke : QE Not Causing Dow Jones Bubble
Published by Philippe Herlin | Nov 28, 2013 | Articles

Don’t laugh, but Ben Bernanke refutes the fact that easy monetary policy from the Fed has favored Wall Street... he even goes as far as saying it has helped the middle class! Quote : « Even though this may come as a shock, I don’t agree. Our monetary policy has helped american households to improve their financial situation. The Fed has contributed in a significant manner to the well-being of the middle class and of the poorest Americans. »

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IMF Condoning the Plundering of Bank Accounts
Published by Philippe Herlin | Oct 16, 2013 | Articles

As we’ve been saying at the time, the spoliation of bank accounts in Cyprus this last March to save their banks was but a general rehearsal. We’ve also learned that there is a european proposal on the table to have depositors of over 100,000 euros contribute should there be a bank bailout in a Eurozone country. And now, the IMF is contemplating a 10% tax on all deposits (for every household, not only those over 100,000 euros) in order to diminish the sovereign debt.

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Bernanke Confessing QE Tapering Impossible
Published by Philippe Herlin | Sep 26, 2013 | Articles

Last Thursday, there was quite a surprise : contrary to what the majority of market participants were anticipating, Ben Bernanke decided not to taper his QE (quantitative easing). Thus, $85B a month is still being created by the Fed to keep buying $45B of federal debt and $40B of mortgage-backed securities. Markets have been caught wrong-footed.

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What If the Money Printing Presses Were Poised to Run Faster?
Published by Philippe Herlin | Sep 12, 2013 | Articles

The general feeling, or « sentiment », is leaning toward a tapering of money printing by the large Western central banks, due in part to the official statements of the Fed indicating it might taper its quantitative easing (QE). For now, it’s just an hypothesis invoked by its Chairman, Ben Bernanke, but it was enough to rattle the markets, notably with the outflow of funds from emerging countries, which is putting much downward pressure on their currencies.

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Gold Slowly Getting Its Shine Back
Published by Philippe Herlin | Sep 5, 2013 | Articles

This drop in the price of gold in the first quarter of this year, though significant, will no doubt seem very soon like a glitch, a short pause. The price of gold really started to go up in 2002 when the Fed implemented its laxist policies and now the central banks are stuck with their printing presses, because the « recovery » is not happening. Consequently, gold will keep rising, slowly and surely.

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Goldman Sachs Is Above the Law!
Published by Philippe Herlin | Aug 29, 2013 | Articles

Goldman Sachs is above the law. On August 20th, this prestigious business bank is stung with a giant computer bug : their program sends out false orders in great quantities on the american options market and on certain quoted index funds. Which de-stabilizes these markets, and just goes to show how big the glitch was.

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Published by Philippe Herlin | Aug 8, 2013 | Articles

There is no recovery. But, since the mainstream media and the governments keep repeating it over and over again and since we prefer believing good news than bad news, a majority of people believe in this so-called recovery. This is why the stock market is up and gold is down.

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