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Purchase bulk platinum without sacrificing liquidity with this multi-gram pack from PAMP Suisse, the experts in precious metal refining. In fact, PAMP Suisse is one of the biggest providers of Good Delivery platinum bars in the world and has been given this status by everyone from the London Bullion Market Association to the Swiss National Bank and the Shanghai Gold Exchange, all of which recognize PAMP for its high quality.

Product Details

The more platinum you buy, the cheaper it becomes. But when it comes time to sell, it’s much easier to sell smaller amounts than it is to sell a single, large bar. That puts investors in a bit of a quandary, but these multi-gram packs offer a viable solution. With these packs you can buy platinum in bulk, while ensuring you have something small and manageable to sell when the time comes to profit from your investment.

These 1 gram bars come in a sheet and are all individually packaged, containing platinum to a purity of 999.5. All of these individual packages can be removed from the sheet, making them easy to sell individually. Until you are ready to sell, you can keep them as a single sheet, making them significantly easier to store.

These bars all feature the Lady Fortuna design, which is intricately engraved onto the obverse of each and every bar. This design shows Lady Fortuna, the Roman Goddess of wealth, holding a handful of coins. All bars also come with the PAMP VERISCAN Bullion Identification Security System, which ensures that each bar is what it says it is.

The Lady Fortuna design takes up the obverse of the bar while the reverse includes simple inscriptions detailing the weight, purity and content of each individual bar. This side also contains an assay stamp and the PAMP Suisse logo.

You can also find an assay mark on the individual packaging, as well as an assay signature. The back of this packaging also includes a unique serial number.


Creation method Minted
Length (mm) 9.5
Width (mm) 6
Weight 1 gram
Fineness .9995
Brand PAMP
Creation method Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight Fineness Brand
Minted 9.5 6 1 gram .9995 PAMP

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