1 ounce Silver Philharmonic - Monster box of 500 - 2014 - Austrian Mint

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The Silver Philharmonic coins carry on an eight hundred-year tradition of fine Austrian coinage. The Austrian Mint is known for its extraordinary attention to detail and top quality workmanship.

They are the only widely available European silver bullion coins and the only regularly issued silver bullion coins denominated in euros.

The Philharmonic Silver coin has a purity of .999 fine silver and is one of the most recognizable silver coins in the world.

The Silver Austrian Philharmonic coin features the same design as the Gold Vienna Philharmonic, Europe’s leading bullion coin. The obverse of the Silver Philharmonic coin displays the Great Pipe Organ in Vienna's Golden Hall, which houses the Philharmonic Orchestra. The German words "REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH" (Republic of Austria) and "1 UNZE FEINSILBER" (1 ounce pure silver) are also minted on the obverse. The reverse side of the coin is stamped with the words "WIENER PHILHARMONIKER" (Vienna Philharmonic) and "SILBER" (silver), and features a medley of selected instruments from the world-famous orchestra.

The Philharmonic Silver coins are coveted not only in Europe, but also throughout the world, which makes them highly liquid.


Creation method Minted
Year 2014
Legal tender value €1.50
Diameter (mm) 37
Thickness (mm) 3.2
Weight 1 ounce
Fineness .999
Brand Austrian Mint
Creation method Year Legal tender value Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight Fineness Brand
Minted 2014 €1.50 37 3.2 1 ounce .999 Austrian Mint

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