1 ounce Silver Maple Leaf - Monster box of 500 - 2017 - Royal Canadian Mint

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Since its introduction in 1988, the iconic Silver Maple Leaf (SML) has been a highly sought-after Royal Canadian Mint bullion investment coin. The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) calls it the world’s most secure silver bullion coin and they make that a key selling point, and for good reason. A 2016 NBC News report gave a detailed account of how counterfeits are flooding the market. This is not an issue for you when you buy through Goldbroker but, if or when the time comes to divest your investment, you and your buyer will have peace of mind knowing this is pure, traceable .9999 fine silver. RCM mints its coins with three different security features: radial lines, micro-engraving and DNA (digital non-destructive activation) technology that allows verification directly from RCM’s database. And it’s a beautiful coin, with a face value of $5 CAD, the highest on the market for a silver bullion coin of its class.

The back of the Silver Maple Leaf bears its namesake, the symbol of Canada’s great natural expanses (not to mention the fact that it is the world’s #1 producer of maple syrup, by far!) The image of the leaf, brought into eye-catching relief by the background’s light-diffracting radial line pattern, is surrounded by the words CANADA, FINE SILVER 1 OZ ARGENT PUR and 9999 on either side. This side also has the smaller micro-engraved leaf with a “17” in the middle, to denote the year. The face of the coin pictures Queen Elizabeth II in profile, her name above and the denomination 5 DOLLARS and year 2017 below.
With its top-of-class security features coupled with Goldbroker’s policy of shipping to you (or your storage facility) directly from the Royal Canadian Mint, the Silver Maple Leaf is a sure investment.


Creation method Minted
Year 2017
Legal tender value CA$5.00
Thickness (mm) 3.29
Diameter (mm) 38
Weight 1 ounce
Fineness .9999
Brand Royal Canadian Mint
Creation method Year Legal tender value Thickness (mm) Diameter (mm) Weight Fineness Brand
Minted 2017 CA$5.00 3.29 38 1 ounce .9999 Royal Canadian Mint

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