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Published by Goldbroker ™ | Dec 6, 2014 | Press Review

Belgium Looking to Repatriate its Gold Reserves
Published Dec 6, 2014 on Goldbroker

According to VTM Nieuws, Belgium is contemplating the repatriation of its gold reserves. It only has a limited amount of gold stored at the Belgium National Bank (BNB); the bulk of Belgium’s reserves is held at the Bank of England, a portion is held at the Bank of Canada, and another portion at the Bank for International Settlements (in Basel).

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With Gold in Backwardation, Physical Shortage Is Getting Nearer
Published Nov 29, 2014 on Goldbroker by Léonard Sartoni

Gold is in backwardation, sentiment is historically negative, but this process of gold price destruction on the paper markets goes on... How much gold do the central banks have to recuperate still? What is behind those never-ending attacks? For how long will there be physical gold available?

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What Can We Learn from the Failed Swiss Referendum on Gold?
Published Dec 4, 2014 on Goldbroker by Philippe Herlin

A YES vote would have acted like a thunder strike and brought about a complete turnaround of the lax monetary policies of Switzerland, Europe (ECB), the United States and Japan. But, sadly, this won’t be the case. Let’s try to understand why.

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An Inside Look At The Shocking Role Of Gold In The "New Normal"
Published Dec 6, 2014 on Zerohedge

In the report we outline a thesis which draws together a complex web of interactions between Japanese equities, the gold market, repo financing, BoJ monetary policy meetings and anomalies in the silver market.

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Dear Willem Buiter: If Gold Is A 6000-Year Bubble, Then What Is This?
Published Dec 4, 2014 on Zerohedge

Citi claims gold is a 6000-year-old bubble, perhaps Mr. Buiter has not seen this chart?

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Draghi: We Have Nothing To Fear But Gold-Buying Itself
Published Dec 4, 2014 on Zerohedge

ECB head Mario Draghi made it clear where the real battle is taking place in the world this morning. When asked what form QE would take, his response was to the point... "On what sorts of assets should be included in QE... we discussed all assets BUT gold" and gold dropped, right on cue.

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China's Gold Reserves May Be Greater Than Official Figure
Published Dec 4, 2014 on Wantchinatimes

Taking advantage of the slump in international gold prices, the People's Bank of China may have purchased large amounts of gold in a bid to diversify its reserves, thereby lowering its share of US government bonds, inside sources say, according to Shanghai's National Business Daily.

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Indians Have $1 Trillion Worth of Gold!
Published Dec 4, 2014 on Rediff

'India has about 22,000 tonnes of private gold, held by individuals and temples.' 'Much of this is locked up in safes and vaults as a dead investment. If we can put the vast reserves of gold to use, it would boost the economy,' says V P Nandakumar, executive chairman, Manappuram Finance, India's first listed gold loan company.

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What's Driving Gold Now?
Published Dec 2, 2014 on 321gold

Gold enthusiasts around the world are trying to figure out what just happened in the gold market. The price action has been dramatic, and I think I can shed some fairly bright light on the situation.

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Keiser Report: Dutch Gold Repatriation
Published Dec 4, 2014 on RT

Max interviews Chris Powell of GATA about the failed Swiss Gold Initiative, the successful Dutch repatriation of 122 tons of gold and about the negative GOFO rates in the gold market.

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Dan Popescu: In a Deflationary Environment Gold at $5,000 Is Possible
Published Dec 2, 2014 on Fxstreet

Gold and silver Analyst for GoldBroker.com Dan Popescu said that the in a deflationary environment, gold at $5,000 is possible. Popescu believes in a Dollar crisis ahead of civil unrest, like it happened in Ferguson.

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Voices Grow Louder To End The US Dollar's Reserve Status
Published Dec 5, 2014 on Zerohedge

When no lesser establishmentarian than Obama's former chief economist Jared Bernstein called for an end to the US Dollar's reserve status, it raised a few eyebrows, but as the WSJ recently noted, the voices discussing how the burden of being the world's reserve currency harms America, more than just Vladimir Putin is paying attention.

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New G20 Rules: Cyprus-style Bail-ins to Hit Depositors AND Pensioners
Published Dec 1, 2014 on Ellenbrown.com

On the weekend of November 16th, the G20 leaders whisked into Brisbane, posed for their photo ops, approved some proposals, made a show of roundly disapproving of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and whisked out again. It was all so fast, they may not have known what they were endorsing when they rubber-stamped the Financial Stability...

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