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China's Gold: A "Black Swan"?
Published May 11, 2015 on Goldbroker by Dan Popescu

I think any amount above 8,000 tonnes will be a shock in the central bank community and the gold market. Why is China accumulating so much gold? Why is China encouraging its citizens so hard to buy gold?

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World Will Never Be Able to Cope with Leverage of Bond Implosion
Published May 12, 2015 on Greg Hunter by Egon von Greyerz

What could cause the gold market to erupt? Look no further than the bond market says gold expert Egon von Greyerz, "I had somebody, in the last few days, say to me we should probably write off all that debt, and forget about it and write it off, but there is another side to every balance sheet."

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Gold Demand Trends Q1 2015
Published May 14, 2015 on WGC

In a generally quiet quarter, global demand dipped 1% to 1,079t. However, the gold market's complex eco-system was well balanced in Q1 2015. Conditions differed from market to market but at an aggregate level, these differences broadly cancelled out.

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China Could Crash Us Dollar With 30,000 Tons Of Gold
Published May 15, 2015 on Wantchinatimes

China has the ability to crash the unstable US dollar with 30,000 tons of gold reserves, says Chinese economic observer Jin Zihou. In a commentary posted online, Jin noted that former US Federal Reserve chair Alan Greenspan once said that the renminbi could become unexpectedly powerful in today's financial system if Beijing would convert its US$4 trillion in foreign reserves into gold.

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The Next Gold Bull Market Starts Before October
Published May 14, 2015 on Casey Research

I'm going out on a limb: I think the next bull phase in the gold market gets underway before October. Why? China. But not due to runaway demand... At an International Monetary Fund (IMF) forum last month, China's central bank governor, Zhou Xiaochuan, made it clear he believes the renminbi is "ready for reserve status."

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India's Gold Imports Top 100 Tons for Second Straight Month
Published May 15, 2015 on Bloomberg.com

Gold imports by India, the world's second-largest consumer, exceeded 100 metric tons for a second month in April as easing of state curbs boosted demand for everything from necklaces to bangles and rings. Shipments totaled 111 tons last month and are about 60 tons so far in May, Revenue Secretary Shaktikanta Das said in an interview in New Delhi on Friday.

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People In Germany are Going Crazy for Gold
Published May 14, 2015 on CNNMoney

It may be a sign they are worried about the future. People tend to buy gold when they fear economic disaster or a spike in prices. The World Gold Council report released on Thursday said demand for total gold bar and coins spiked by 20% in Germany during the first quarter from the year before.

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The Biggest Silver Haul in History
Published May 11, 2015 on Silverseek

JPMorgan is still stopping (taking) silver deliveries in its own house account. In the May COMEX futures contract, they’ve taken over three million ounces so far. It still looks like JPM will take another million ounces or so before the delivery period is over. This is in addition to the 7.5 million ounces the bank took in the March delivery period.

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Silver Buying Only Starting
Published May 15, 2015 on Zealllc

The past decade's average annual silver investment demand was 196m ounces, which 2014's 197m is dead on. For our purposes today, let's round that to 200m ounces per year. That works out to under 17m per month.

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Why Is The U.S. Importing So Much Silver Bullion?
Published May 12, 2015 on Srsroccoreport

Something very interesting took place during the first two months of 2015. U.S. silver bullion imports increased significantly compared to the same period last year. Now, this has nothing to do with the supposed increase of JP Morgan silver inventories as that took place starting in March.

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