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China's Role in the Gold Market
Published Jun 10, 2014 on Goldbroker by Dan Popescu

We cannot understand today’s gold market without understanding the role China and, in a different way, India play in it. The gold market in general is very opaque and the Chinese one, in particular, is even more. In this article, I will look at China’s role in the gold market.

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Historic Volumes on Junior Miners GDXJ on June 12, 2014!
Published Jun 13, 2014 on Goldbroker by Léonard Sartoni

Yesterday, the daily volume on the GDXJ Junior Miners Index beat all records, exceeding by 33% its highest historic value, and producing a 5.78% hike, five times the performance of gold! The bears had tried to gain back control of the market, but they remained all by themselves after having provoked the capitulation of the last weak hands holding gold miners, on May 27 and 28. The result was a grand defeat for the bears. The same explosive situation might now happen in the gold and silver markets.

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OCC Gold Derivatives vs Known Gold Pool
Published Jun 13, 2014 on Goldbroker by Nick Laird

New charts showing the relation of the known gold pool vs US gold derivatives.

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Mario Draghi's Announcements: The ECB Puts on a Show
Published Jun 12, 2014 on Goldbroker by Philippe Herlin

Mario Draghi came out with several announcements on June 5 which have been very well received by pundits. These measures are supposed to encourage banks to make loans to businesses and, thus, help in sustaining the recovery. Let's see what these measures really entail.

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Stocks Suffer Worst Week In 2 Months As Black & Yellow Gold Surge
Published Jun 13, 2014 on Zerohedge

The USD ended the week modestly higher (+0.2%) with GBP strength and EUR weakness the main theme. Silver and gold were bid (safety and CCFD unwinds) with the best week in 3 months.

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The Secret Reason Why The Chinese Are Buying So Much Gold
Published Jun 12, 2014 on Kingworldnews

As the world seems to hurtle from one crisis to another, today a man out of Europe who has been extremely accurate with his calls on the gold market sent King World News a fantastic piece which reveals the secret reason why the Chinese have been buying so much gold.

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BRICS Gold Central Bank Outpost
Published Jun 11, 2014 on Goldseek

We could have the first sighting of a BRICS Central bank outpost for processing USGovt debt securities, straight into Gold bullion. The Saudis might win giant favor with Russia & China, the new dynamic duo, by jump starting the process of dumping USTBonds, followed by converting them into Gold bullion.

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Will the Swiss Gold Initiative Start a Revolution In Europe?
Published Jun 10, 2014 on Financialsense

Luzi Stamm, a member of Swiss Parliament, and a growing number of Swiss citizens are attempting to force the Swiss central bank to halt all sales of current gold reserves, repatriate all gold back home, and to back any further money printing with 20% of gold purchases.

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March Indian Gold Import Highest In 10 Months
Published Jun 12, 2014 on Ingoldwetrust

A remarkable increase in official gold import in March, according to numbers published by India's customs department DGCIS this week. In March official gross gold import accounted for 60 metric tonnes, up 88 % from 32 tonnes in February.

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We Need A Financial Crash - The Matterhorn Interview
Published Jun 12, 2014 on GoldSwitzerland

On behalf of Matterhorn Asset Management, Lars Schall talked with Ned Naylor-Leyland, the Investment Director of Quilter Cheviot Investment Management London, about the need to be patient when holding precious metals, the phenomenon of backwardation in the gold market, the current investigations into the gold and silver fix in London, his view related to the movement of physical gold from West to East, and why there's good reason to be optimistic about selected mining stock companies both in gold and silver.

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