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Published by Goldbroker ™ | Feb 21, 2015 | Press Review

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India Likely to Cut its Import Tax on Gold
Published Feb 17, 2015 on Goldbroker

India is likely to cut its import tax on gold before the end of February to 2% from the current level of 10%, a top official told The Wall Street Journal . India's government had gradually raised the import tax on gold to 10% from 2% since early 2012 to bring down the country's current-account deficit.

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RBI Lifts Ban on Import of Gold Coins, Medallions by Banks
Published Feb 19, 2015 on Goldbroker

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) today lifted the ban on imports of gold coins and medallions by banks and trading houses. The government and the Reserve Bank of India have given banks a free hand to import gold on "consignment basis". Domestic sales will be, however, permitted against upfront payment only.

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New Gold Fix to Be Launched on 20th March 2015
Published Feb 19, 2015 on Goldbroker

The LBMA announces that the new LBMA Gold Price, which replaces the long established London Gold Fix, will be launched on 20 March, 2015. As previously announced ICE Benchmark Administration (IBA) are the new administrators of the LBMA Gold Price. The intellectual property rights will be held by 'Precious Metals Prices Limited', a newly established subsidiary company of the LBMA.

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Where And How Should I Store My Physical Gold And Silver?
Published Feb 21, 2015 on Goldbroker

Where and how should I store my physical gold and silver? This important question must be addressed prior to purchasing precious metals because the manner in which one holds and stores precious metals will determine the level of exposure to counterparty risks or default.

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Mainstream Media Lying To The Public As The World Faces Most Dangerous Crisis In History
Published Feb 19, 2015 on King World News by Egon von Greyerz

The man who 80 days ago remarkably predicted the collapse of the euro against the Swiss franc told King World News that that the mainstream media is lying to the public as the world faces the most dangerous crisis in history.

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AMAZING SILVER CHART: Investors Overwhelming Prefer Physical Over Paper Silver
Published Feb 20, 2015 on Srsroccoreport

Precious metals investors know a good deal when they see it. Even as the price of silver declined over the past several years, investors overwhelming preferred physical silver over paper by a huge margin. How much? A great deal more than I realized until I looked at the data.

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Gold Futures Market Used For Fraud
Published Feb 18, 2015 on Paulcraigroberts by Dave Kranzler

With China and Viet Nam (the latter being a major gold importing country) now closed until next Wednesday in observance of their Lunar New Year, the bullion banks have engaged in a major attempt to drive the price of gold lower.

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Why ZIRP/NIRP Is Killing Fractional Reserve Banking & Forcing Deposits Into Gold
Published Feb 18, 2015 on Zerohedge

Could zero/negative interest rates be the end of the fractional banking system and force deposit holders into gold and silver?

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Gold and Russia
Published Feb 18, 2015 on Gold-eagle by Alasdair Macleod

In late November I wrote an article suggesting that it could be in Russia's interest to put the rouble on a gold exchange standard. The salient points were the Russians could easily make it stick, inflation would be tamed, and importantly Russia would divorce herself from the currency war being waged against her by her NATO enemies.

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What You Need to Know About Russia, Putin, and Gold
Published Feb 19, 2015 on International Man by Jeff Clark

With Russia rising to the forefront of world affairs as well as natural-resource-related events, we thought it timely to find out more about Russians' attitudes toward gold. We've been in touch with Russian bullion expert Dmitriy Balkovskiy for over a year and decided to get his take. Here's the view from Russia...

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Greece, Euro Zone Agree Four-Month Loan Extension, Avert Crunch
Published Feb 20, 2015 on Reuters

European Union paymaster Germany, Greece's biggest creditor, had demanded "significant improvements" in reform commitments by Athens before it would accept an extension of euro zone funding.

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