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Published by Goldbroker ™ | Sep 12, 2014 | Press Review

Interview with Gary Christenson: Gold Prices in 3 Waves, Silver Is Inexpensive & The Stock Market/Gold Relationship
Published Sep 10, 2014 on Goldbroker by Dan Popescu

Dan Popescu exclusive interview with Gary Christenson (The Deviant Investor): Influence of geopolitics on gold, Gold prices in 3 waves 1971 – 2014, Is gold in a correction?, The US gold in Fort Knox is secure, gone or irrelevant?, Is gold related to a collapse of the US dollar?, How to invest in gold?, Physical or ETFs, What is the relation between the stock market and gold?, Would gold be confiscated again?, Will we have Deflation or Hyperinflation?, Role of China in the gold market, Will silver lead or gold out of this correction?

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Gold Demand - Jewellery vs Investment
Published Sep 10, 2014 on Goldbroker by Dan Popescu

If we look at the global gold demand, it is mostly split in two: investment demand and jewellery demand. But is this a correct description of the actual demand for gold? No, it isn’t.

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Gold vs Currencies of Countries in Crisis
Published Sep 12, 2014 on Goldbroker by Nick Laird

Gold vs Currencies of Countries in Crisis: Ukraine Hryvnia, Argentine Pesos, Syrian Pound, Ghanan New Cedis

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Interview with Ronald-Peter Stöferle: Monetary Tectonics and Gold
Published Sep 8, 2014 on Goldbroker by Dan Popescu

My exclusive interview with Ronald-Peter Stöferle, Incrementum Liechtenstein AG, co-author of the In Gold we Trust 2014 report.

“We are currently on a journey to the outer reaches of the monetary universe. We believe that the monetary experiments currently underway will have numerous unintended consequences, the extent of which is difficult to gauge today. Gold, as the antagonist of unbacked paper currencies, remains an excellent hedge against rising price inflation and worst-case scenarios."

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Heavy PM Shorting Bullish
Published Sep 12, 2014 on Zealllc

Gold and silver have been pounded lower over the past month, contrary to their bullish seasonals. This selling pressure has come from the usual suspects, American futures speculators. They've been busy aggressively dumping gold and silver futures, particularly on the short side. But each time they pressed this bet in the past 15 months, gold soon surged higher.

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Gold Gets Whacked - What Happens Next?
Published Sep 10, 2014 on Acting-man

We hope that the overarching topic of the article, which was inspired by divergences and sector-internal relative performance data still made it worth reading. We are specifically referring to the ideas regarding how cyclical gold bear markets end, how early stage bull markets develop, and why there is a certain sequence of events that can usually be observed when that happens.

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Gold Sentiment Plunges to Summer 2013 Levels
Published Sep 11, 2014 on Acting-man

What the percentage means is that at the moment, gold timers are recommending that their clients allocate 40.6% of their gold-related assets to shorting gold. Although the measure fell to even lower levels in the summer of 2013 and also in 1998/1999 if memory serves, this is still a historically fairly extreme level.

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How To Test For Fake Gold And Silver
Published Sep 11, 2014 on Zerohedge

Many precious metals investors like the idea of physical bullion because, unlike paper money, it is difficult to counterfeit. That said, when there is a will, there is a way. In recent years, there have been extremely concerning cases of gold counterfeit, and investors that are not fully prepared can get duped.

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Swiss Gold Initiative & The PPT Losing Control Of Gold Market
Published Sep 11, 2014 on Kingworldnews

One of the legends in the business spoke with King World News about the Swiss Gold Initiative and the fact that the U.S. Plunge Protection Team is very close to losing control of the price of gold. Keith Barron, who consults with major companies around the world and is responsible for one of the largest gold discoveries in the last quarter century, also spoke about the disastrous policies of the Swiss National Bank.

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Independent Scotland Could Claim Part of £7.8bn Gold Reserves
Published Sep 8, 2014 on Rt

The distribution of the UK's assets in the event of Scottish independence would be subject to negotiation between an independent Scottish Government and the continuing UK government, a spokesman for the United Kingdom Treasury said.

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Scottish Independence Would Be A 'Cataclysmic' Shock for UK Economy
Published Sep 9, 2014 on Dailymail

Value of the pound could plunge by 15% in the event of a 'Yes' vote Japan's top bank Nomura advises investors to brace for sterling collapse Separation of union after over 300 years would be a 'cataclysmic shock' Jitters saw the pound fall to a 10-month low against the dollar

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Danger Warning : Mario Draghi to Restart ECB’s Money Printing press!
Published Sep 11, 2014 on Goldbroker by Philippe Herlin

Mario Draghi spoke, last Thursday, and everyone must have thought his announcements were important... because right after his speech, stock markets went up and the euro fell against the dollar! What caused this abrupt temperature rise in the markets?

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It's Settled: Central Banks Trade S&P500 Futures
Published Sep 1, 2014 on Zerohedge

Based on the unprecedented collapse in trading volumes of cash products over the past 6 years, one thing has become clear: retail, and increasingly, institutional investors and traders are gone, probably for ever and certainly until the Fed's market-distorting central planning ends. However, one entity appears to have taken the place of conventional equity traders: central banks.

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Big Banks Manipulated $21 Trillion Dollar Market for Credit Default Swaps (and Every Other Market)
Published Sep 9, 2014 on Washingtonsblog

Derivatives Are Manipulated Runaway derivatives - especially credit default swaps (CDS) - were one of the main causes of the 2008 financial crisis. Congress never fixed the problem, and actually made it worse. The big banks have long manipulated derivatives ... a $1,200 Trillion Dollar market.

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Latest World Official Gold Reserves
Published Sep 5, 2014 on World Gold Council

Information on each country's gold reserves and the proportion this represents of their total external reserves. Updated quarterly.

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