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Published by Goldbroker ™ | Feb 28, 2015 | Press Review

Guillermo Barba: Gold & Silver in South America, Backwardation and Currency Wars
Published Feb 27, 2015 on Goldbroker by Dan Popescu & Guillermo Barba

Dan Popescu's exclusive interview with Guillermo Barba on gold and silver: - Demand and supply of gold and silver in Mexico and South America - Initiative by Hugo Salinas Price to monetize silver in Mexico - Gold and silver backwardation - Gold, silver and the currency wars Guillermo Barba is a Mexican economist follower of the New Austrian School of Economics.

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US Investigating Major Banks for Rigging of Precious-Metals Markets
Published Feb 24, 2015 on Goldbroker

The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission are investigating at least 10 major banks for possible rigging of precious-metals markets, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people close to the inquiries. DoJ prosecutors are scrutinizing the price-setting process for gold, silver, platinum and palladium in London, while the CFTC has opened a civil investigation, the newspaper said.

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Alan Greenspan: Gold Price Will Be "Measurably Higher"
Published Feb 24, 2015 on Goldbroker

With the Federal Reserve printing trillions upon trillions of dollars to keep the economic system afloat, many investors and financial pundits have surmised that the fundamental economic problems facing the United States during the crash of 2008 have been resolved. Stocks are, after all, at historic highs. But the insiders know different.

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Alan Greenspan Likes Gold: Listen up!
Published Feb 26, 2015 on Goldbroker by Philippe Herlin

Gold is not important: This is the message from the large banks that steer you away from it and propose their own products instead, which they say are better suited to your savings needs... which begs the question: Why are they taking so much risk in manipulating its price?

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Investing in Gold: Direct Ownership or Mutualized Ownership?
Published Feb 26, 2015 on GoldBroker

The aim of this video is to explain the differences between investment solutions offering direct ownership and mutualized ownership of physical gold.

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LBMA Paper Ponzi To Be Crushed As Gold And Silver Markets Change Forever!
Published Feb 27, 2015 on King World News

London metals trader Andrew Maguire shared major news with King World News about the war in the gold and silver markets. Maguire also gave details about the launch of the eargerly-anticipated exchange for physical trading and also spoke about why this will forever crush the LBMA paper Ponzi system.

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China Plans Yuan-Denominated Gold Fix In 2015
Published Feb 27, 2015 on South China Morning Post

China plans to launch a yuan-denominated gold fix this year to be set through trading on an exchange, sources familiar with the matter said, as the world's second-biggest bullion consumer seeks to gain more say over the pricing of the precious metal.

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China Cuts Interest Rates, Takes Number Of Central Banks Easing In 2015 To 21
Published Feb 28, 2015 on Zerohedge

And then there were 21. Hours ago on Saturday, the country whose currency is largely pegged to the dollar which itself is now anticipating a rate hike in the coming months, surprised the world by confirming its economic slowdown yet again following a recent rate cut just this past November when it lowered its benchmark rate by 40 bps, after it again cut benchmark lending and deposit rates by 25 bps starting on March 1.

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Gold Jumps to One-Week High as India Leaves Import Tax Unchanged
Published Feb 28, 2015 on Bloomberg.com

Gold prices in India jumped to the highest level in more than a week after the world's largest consumer unexpectedly left the import tax on the metal unchanged. Futures rallied as much as 1 percent to 26,490 rupees ($430) per 10 grams, the highest since Feb.

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Gold and Debt: Astonishing Comparisons
Published Feb 25, 2015 on The Deviant Investor by Gary Christenson

Debt and budgets in the trillions of dollars and euros are difficult to comprehend. The US budget is nearly $4 Trillion per year while the US official national debt exceeds $18 Trillion. A single large bank may hold contracts for more than $50 Trillion in derivative contracts. Global debt is approximately $200 Trillion.

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Infographic: The Silver Series - Who Controls the World's Supply?
Published Feb 25, 2015 on Visual Capitalist

Within the Earth's crust, there is 1 gram of silver for every 12.5 tonnes of earth (27,600 lbs). This makes silver very difficult to find. To understand silver supply, we must first discover how economic silver deposits form. Silver is typically mined as a byproduct in polymetallic deposits with a variety of metals.

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