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Published by Goldbroker ™ | Jan 3, 2015 | Press Review

Willem Middelkoop: The War on Gold and the Financial Endgame
Published Dec 31, 2014 on Goldbroker by Dan Popescu

Dan Popescu exclusive interview with Willem Middelkoop (founder of the Commodity Discovery Fund and author) about the war on gold and the financial endgame.

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Chris Powell - There Are No Free Markets Anymore, Just Interventions
Published Dec 30, 2014 on GoldSwitzerland

On Behalf of Matterhorn Asset Management, Lars Schall recently met with Chris Powell, journalist and the Secretary/Treasurer of GATA at the Bayerischer Hof Hotel in Munich. The Gold Anti-Trust Action committee seeks to expose any institutional actions that undermine the freedom of gold as real money.

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Germany, Gold & 'Diplomacy'
Published Jan 2, 2015 on Tfmetalsreport

Our pal, Ned Naylor-Leyland, starts the year off with a bang with this terrific essay. Thanks, Ned, for sharing this with us! TF Germany, Gold & 'Diplomacy', In 2012 the 'German Gold' story started to gather momentum.

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Gold Held In NY Fed Vault Drops To Lowest In 21st Century After Biggest Monthly Withdrawal Since 2001
Published Dec 29, 2014 on Zerohedge

In November some 47.1 tons of gold were withdrawn from the NY Fed, bringing the Fed's total earmarked gold to just 6,029 tonnes: the biggest single monthly outflow going back to the turn of the century. This is also the lowest amount of gold held at the NY Fed in the 21st century.

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Get Your Gold Now Before It’s Too Late - Jim Rickards
Published Dec 31, 2014 on Kitco

Kitco News is kicking off its Outlook 2015 coverage with an interview with bestselling author Jim Rickards to see what he thinks will happen to the U.S. economy in the coming year and how it may affect gold.

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Gold Beat All Other World Currencies in 2014
Published Dec 30, 2014 on Goldseek

"Gold is money. Everything else is credit." ~J.P. Morgan in 1912 Loyal readers of our Investor Alert and my blog Frank Talk are no doubt aware that the U.S. dollar's rising strength has put pressure on commodities such as oil and gold.

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China's Net Gold Imports From Hong Kong Hit 9-Month High in Nov
Published Dec 29, 2014 on Reuters

China's gold imports from Hong Kong in November rose to their highest level since February, indicating strong demand in the world's top bullion consumer ahead of the Lunar New Year. "Consumer demand is strong because of lower prices," said a trader with one of the 15 importing banks in China.

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US Mint Coin Sales
Published Jan 1, 2015 on Goldbroker by Nick Laird

US Mint Gold and Silver Coin Sales in December 2014

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"Peak Gold Production" Hits In 2015
Published Dec 30, 2014 on Zerohedge

It is becoming increasingly clear that just as the crude oil market is set for some violent times ahead as producers lock into the defection phase of the Prisoner's Dilemma and flood the market with supply in an attempt to crush the weakest competition, so the gold market is set for many upheavals, the first of which, however, may be what Goldcorp defined in a recent presentation slideshow as Peak Gold.

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The Outlook for the New Year - Paul Craig Roberts
Published Dec 29, 2014 on Paulcraigroberts

The Outlook for the New Year Dear Readers: The conflict that Washington has initiated between the West and Russia/China is reckless and irresponsible. Nuclear war could be the outcome. Indeed, Washington has been preparing for nuclear war since the George W. Bush regime.

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Fed Abandons Stock Markets
Published Jan 2, 2015 on Zealllc

The seemingly-invincible US stock markets powered higher again last year, still directly fueled by the Fed's epic quantitative-easing money printing. But 2015 is shaping up to be radically different from the past couple years. The Fed effectively abandoned the stock markets when it terminated its bond buying late last year.

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US Debt Soars By $100 Billion On Last Day Of 2014, Hits Record $18.14 Trillion
Published Jan 2, 2015 on Zerohedge

It seems like it was only yesterday when we reported that, in yet another slight of hand for the US Treasury and Social Security Administration, US debt rose by $32 billion on the last day of November sending total US debt above $18 trillion for the first time ever.

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