Paper vs Physical Gold Market, The Complete History Of Gold Manipulation, Decline of the Petrodollar System, The World is Stocking up on Gold, Time for Goldbugs to Admit Defeat?, The Real Story Behind Silver

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Tom Fischer about Paper vs Physical Gold Market & The Gold-Silver Ratio
Published Dec 4, 2013 on Goldbroker

Financial journalist Lars Schall talked with German academic Tom Fischer, a financial mathematician, about the phenomenon why gold's usual state of contango suggests central bank interference. Moreover, they took a look at the issue of the paper vs the physical gold market, and discussed other issues related to the precious metal markets, such as the gold-silver ratio.

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Germany's regulators investigate manipulation in the gold market
Published Nov 29, 2013 on Voiceofrussia

The information regarding the investigation was reported by the Wall Street Journal Deutschland. WSJ journalists got an official confirmation from a BaFin spokesman: "Apart from Libor and Euribor, BaFin is also looking into other benchmark setting procedures at individual banks such as for gold and silver prices".

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The Complete And Unabridged History Of Gold Manipulation
Published Dec 4, 2013 on Zerohedge

On November 1st, 1961, an agreement was reached between the central banks of the United States and seven European countries to cooperate in achieving a shared, and very clearly stated, aim. The agreement became known as the London Gold Pool, and it had a very explicit purpose: to keep the price of gold suppressed "under control" and pegged regulated at $35/oz.

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Twisted (By The Pool)
Published Dec 2, 2013 on Mauldineconomics

The manipulation of the gold price takes place in a paper market — away from the physical supply of the metal itself. That metal trades on a premium to the futures contract for a very good reason: it has real, intrinsic value, unlike its paper nemesis.

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The Frightening Black Swan That Will Shock The World
Published Dec 1, 2013 on Kingworldnews

Greyerz: "Eric, every generation believes that the era they live in is the norm. This is the way it is. Very few realize that the last 100 years since the creation of the Fed have been exceptional. Obviously we've seen massive growth in technology, science, medicine, etc, which has been excellent for the world....

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Jim Rogers: Eventually the whole world is going to collapse
Published Dec 3, 2013 on Marketsanity

Eventually, the whole world is going to collapse. We in the West have staggering debts. The United States is the largest debtor nation in the history of the world. This is going to end badly. We are all floating around on a sea of artificial liquidity right now. This is not going to last.

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Lassonde: This Can Radically Change The Gold Price Overnight
Published Dec 4, 2013 on Kingworldnews

On the heels of some wild trading in the gold and silver markets, today legendary Pierre Lassonde warned King World News about a “seminal event” that can radically change the gold price “overnight.” Lassonde also told KWN what to expect in the gold market going forward, as well as the mining shares. Lassonde is arguably the greatest company builder in the history of the mining sector. He is past President of Newmont Mining, past Chairman of the World Gold Council and current Chairman of Franco Nevada.

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Jim Rickards: Decline of the Petrodollar System is Good for Gold | International Man
Published Dec 4, 2013 on Internationalman

The petrodollar system is one of the most important indicators to watch in order to gauge the timing of the collapse of the US dollar. In case you missed it, I previously discussed this crucial topic with Ron Paul (see here and here).

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Time for Goldbugs to Admit Defeat? | Casey Research
Published Dec 2, 2013 on Caseyresearch

Gold's price has fallen by more than a third since its 2011 high. The downturn exceeds the 2008 waterfall selloff. Many technical analysts are saying that the "damage" on the charts is too great for gold to recover. The rout is so bad, even hardened goldbugs have grown quiet lately. Is it time for gold investors to admit defeat?

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In Praise Of Gold. Not A 'Barbarous Relic' But A Spiritual Value
Published Nov 30, 2013 on Forbes

Whenever men have had a free, uncoerced choice of the medium of exchange, gold has won the competition, along with its sister element, silver. Why? Only in recent times has gold had any utilitarian value. The Ancient Egyptians couldn’t use it in electronics, but they prized it anyway, as did the faraway Aztecs and the Chinese. Men in every place and time have valued gold. Why? Of what use is gold?

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There Is Too Little Gold in the West
Published Dec 6, 2013 on Peakprosperity

Western central banks have tried to shake off the constraints of gold for a long time, which has created enormous difficulties for them. They have generally succeeded in managing opinion in the developed nations but been demonstrably unsuccessful in the lesser-developed world, particularly in Asia.

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The world is stocking up on Gold
Published Dec 4, 2013 on Indiatimes

The penchant for accumulating gold is not just an Indian trait, it seems. Even as finance minister P Chidambaram clamps down on gold import to contain CAD, central banks and households the world over have been betting on gold, either as a hedge against any loss in dollar value or as an investment.

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Comex Deliverable Gold Still Out On the Tails of Leverage at 57 to 1
Published Dec 5, 2013 on Jessescrossroadscafe

The ratio of potential claims to deliverable gold remains at an extreme of 57 to 1, despite the pricing antics designed to shake off the standing longs, and to scrape out physical supply from wherever it can be had. But the leverage remains quite high in what is normally a big delivery month of December. That so few longs have yet to be filled with physical bullion is interesting.

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Comex and Shanghai - Gold and Silver Deliveries Compared Over the Last Five Years
Published Dec 4, 2013 on Jessescrossroadscafe

I asked Nick of Sharelynx if he could wrangle up some comparison charts between the Comex and Shanghai for our inquiring minds. Interestingly enough, Shanghai dominates in gold delivery, but Comex does reasonably well for silver over the last five years. The new charts are shown below for both metals.

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Detroit pensions can be cut in bankruptcy
Published Dec 3, 2013 on Marketwatch

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes ruled today that Detroit is eligible to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. That ruling clears the way for the city, the largest ever to declare bankruptcy, to restructure its $18 billion in debt.

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Silver imports surge 40% in Oct, hit 3-month high
Published Dec 3, 2013 on Business-standard

Silver imports rose to a three-month peak in October and are on track to hit a record this year, data from Thomson Reuters GFMS showed, as buyers opt for the precious metal instead of expensive gold to meet high seasonal demand.

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5 CHARTS: The Real Story Behind Silver
Published Dec 3, 2013 on Srsroccoreport

As the world continues down the road of self-destruction via its highly leveraged paper financial markets, there's a much more fascinating story worth looking at. Hidden from the majority of the public and misunderstood by many of the so-called professional metal analysts, is the Real Story Behind Silver.

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The ECB to Open Liquidity Spigots
Published Dec 5, 2013 on Goldbroker

Terms are approaching. LTROs are three-year loans that were issued in December 2011 and in February 2012. So they are due in December 2014 and next February, meaning very soon. According to the Bank of Italy, of the 255 billion euros borrowed from the ECB through the LTRO, italian banks only reimbursed 15%, or 38 billion euros. So, there still remains 217 billion euros to be paid in 2014... and for Spain, the amounts are just about the same.

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