WEEK IN REVIEW: April 7-13

Published by Goldbroker ™ | Apr 12, 2014 | Press Review

Trade of the Decade
Published Apr 10, 2014 on Goldswitzerland by Egon von Greyerz

The US stockmarket continues its rise to dizzy heights. The rise has very little to do with economic fundamentals but is more a function of money printing and the weak dollar. The US in now slowly entering its hyperinflationary phase.

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How "Too Big to Fail" Thinking Trumps Competition and Increases Risk of Banking Crisis
Published Apr 10, 2014 on Goldbroker by Philippe Herlin

We are aware of the problems of " Too Big to Fail " banks : They are so big that, if they were to fail, it would cause such economic havoc that they can rest assured to be bailed out by the State. And they're taking advantage of this situat...

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Chinese Gold Imports From Hong Kong
Published Apr 9, 2014 on Goldbroker by Nick Laird

Charts by Nick Laird. Chinese Gold Imports From Hong Kong

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China's Demand for Gold Has Trapped The West's Central Banks
Published Apr 9, 2014 on ChrisMartensondotcom

Chris and Alasdair Macleod build on the insights laid out in Chris' recent mega-report last week on gold: The Screaming Fundamentals for Owning Gold. And specifically, they delve deeply into the poorly-understood topic of why Chinese demand has become such a game changer in recent years.

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Keiser Report & Jim Rickards About Mutually Assured Financial Destruction
Published Apr 5, 2014 on RT

Max Keiser's interview with Jim Rickards about his new book, The Death of Money. In this second half, they talk more about mutually assured financial destruction, the US dollar and the danger of insolvency.

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China 'Has More Gold than Official Figures Show'
Published Apr 9, 2014 on Telegraph

"Nobody had really any idea how much was going into the vaulting figures, " Mr Macleod said. "The changes in the level of vaulted gold has been increased on a fairly consistent level almost at exactly the same rate as the increase in deliveries."

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Large Decline Of Shanghai & Comex Silver Stocks
Published Apr 10, 2014 on Srsroccoreport

Something interesting took place at the Comex and Shanghai silver warehouses over the past month. Silver stocks at both these warehouses peaked at about the same time, March 10th. However, for the past month, a substantial amount of silver was removed from both warehouses.

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10 Warning Signs of a Stock Market Crash
Published Apr 10, 2014 on Telegraph

Stock Markets are at a record high but Questor editor, John Ficenec warns there are signs that we could be in for a crash

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U.S. Gold Gone & What 52 Years In This Business Taught Me
Published Apr 11, 2014 on Kingworldnews

A legendary value investor spoke with King World News about what he has learned over 52 years in this business, and the tragedy of the massive gold hoard leaving the United States. Below is what the legendary investor, Jean-Marie Eveillard, who oversees more than $65 billion, had to say in this fascinating interview.

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