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This 10 ounce Credit Suisse gold bar is the perfect investment for anyone looking to purchase a sizable quantity of pure gold for close to spot price. It is backed by a unique serial number and an assay certificate, as well as the quality guarantees that accompany all Credit Suisse products.

Product Details

With more than 150 years of experience behind them, as well as a long list of high quality products and high-profile clients, it’s no surprise that the Credit Suisse name is recognized and celebrated throughout the precious metal industry. Their gold bullion products are second to none, created to an exacting standard that has helped them to gain Good Delivery status.

Credit Suisse is a multinational banking company, and one whose loans helped to build Switzerland’s infrastructure. This is one of the most trusted and instantly recognized banks in the world, and that reputation extends to their work with precious metal bars and rounds, all of which are backed by the might of the Credit Suisse Bank of Switzerland.

Credit Suisse produce gold bars in an array of sizes, many of which carry intricate designs, protective packaging and individual assay certificates. Despite these extras, they are still available for close to spot price, and because of these extras, you should not have an issue selling these bars on when it comes time to profit from your investment.

This 10 ounce gold bar, and indeed most gold bars produced by Credit Suisse, are minted and not moulded. This means they have a smoother, more polished and more exacting finish, much like a coin or a round.


Simple elegance is the theme here, as this 10 ounce Credit Suisse gold bar has just a few simple markings, and lets the gold itself do the talking. Most of these inscriptions are on the front of the bar, where you can find the Credit Suisse logo, as well as details on the purity and the size of the bar. Below these there is also an assay stamp and a serial number, the latter of which is unique to each individual bar and offers a extra layer of security, verifying that what you have is legitimate and is exactly what it claims to be.


Creation method Minted
Dimensions (mm) 35 x 60
Weight 10 ounce
Fineness .9999
Brand Crédit Suisse
Creation method Dimensions (mm) Weight Fineness Brand
Minted 35 x 60 10 ounce .9999 Crédit Suisse

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