Buying commission

The sales prices of our bullion products include commissions. These commissions vary from a product to another and are regressive in relation to quantities ordered. The minimum amount for an order is $5,000.


Selling commission

We commit ourselves to buying back precious metals kept in storage units. Our commission is 1% with a minimum of $75. In regards to buying back your gold and silver coins, we will buy them back between 1% and 11% above spot price (depending on the coin and market conditions), without any other commission.



Storage FEES


Quantity Stored Annual Storage Fees*
Up to 49 oz ($61,452) 1,5% (minimum $150/year)
From 50 oz ($62,706) 1,25%
From 900 oz 1,05%
From 4500 oz 0,95%
Quantity Stored Annual Storage Fees*
Up to 60 000 oz 1,5% (minimum $150/year)
From 60 000 oz 1,3%
From 300 000 oz 1,2%


* % on the value of your holdings. Annual storage fees are applied on the value of your holdings at spot price. Goldbroker.com offers direct ownership of gold and silver only. We do not offer a mutualized solution, for reasons explained on this page.




  • Stock inspection in person: $200

For investors storing with our storage partner who would like to verify their precious metals.


  • Photos: $10 per unit

For investors who cannot access the storage facility and would like to obtain photographs of their bars/coins. Serial numbers shall be visible on the photographs taken by our storage partner.

This service is available only prior to actual storage of the products.


Withdrawal/Pickup Fees

  • Stock withdrawal (total or partial): $250

For investors storing with our storage partner wishing to withdraw their precious metals (totally or partially).


  • Order pickup (without storage): $200

For investors wishing to pickup their order directly after purchase (without storage and SSOR issuance). Our storage partner will keep the order until the investor comes and takes possession of the bars/coins.


* In the case of physical silver, one will have to pay the customs import declarations and the value-added tax (VAT), since it will be out of the duty-free zone.

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