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Published by Goldbroker ™ | Aug 7, 2015 | Press Review

Gold & Silver Newscast - Episode 4 (July 18-August 3)
Published Aug 3, 2015 on Goldbroker

China Boosts Gold Reserves 57% in First Disclosure Since ’09, Russia’s Gold reserves since 2009 have increased more than China’s, China's gold imports are to plunge as financing deals unwind, 44% of June Swiss gold exports to China bypassed Hong Kong

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SHANGHAI SILVER STOCKS PLUMMET: More Signs of a Global Run on Silver?
Published Aug 4, 2015 on Srsroccoreport

There seems to be more evidence indicating the beginning stages of a global run on silver. How so? Well, ever since the middle of June, something significantly changed in the silver market. Physical silver investment demand skyrocketed. Why June? This was at the time Greece was voting on whether or not to remain in the European Union.

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Some Clear Thinking About The Price of Gold
Published Aug 4, 2015 on SOVEREIGN MAN

August 4, 2015 Vilnius, Lithuania On April 2, 2001, the price of gold closed the market trading session at $255.30. And that was the lowest price that gold has seen ever since. In US dollar terms, gold closed the 2001 calendar year higher than it did in 2000.

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Will China Play The 'Gold Card'?
Published Aug 4, 2015 on Plata

The thrust of the article is that China, at some point, will have to revalue gold in China; which means, in other words, that China will decide to devalue the Yuan against gold. However, as I understand the measure, it would be indeed world-shaking.

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Bucking The Global Trend, South Koreans Pile Into Gold
Published Aug 4, 2015 on Reuters

In contrast to the weak demand in top gold buyers China and India, South Koreans are on target to buy 1 trillion won ($860 million) in bullion for the first time this year, based on first-half sales through Korea Gold Exchange 3M Co Ltd, the country's largest gold merchant.

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This Will Trigger The Start of a Historic Bear Market That Will Destroy The Current Economic System
Published Aug 4, 2015 on King World News

On the heels of continued volatile trading in key global markets, the Godfather of newsletter writers, 90-year-old Richard Russell, warned about an event that will signal the start of a historic bear market that will destroy the current economic system. The legend also discussed gold, silver and a trapped Federal Reserve.

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Comex on The Edge? Paper Gold "Dilution" Hits a Record 124 For Every Ounce of Physical
Published Aug 3, 2015 on Zerohedge

Over the few days, we got what was merely the latest confirmation that when it comes to sliding gold prices, consumers of physical gold just can't get enough. As the Times of India reported over the weekend, India's gold imports shot up by 61% to 155 tonnes in the first two months of the current fiscal year " due to weak prices globally and the easing of restrictions by the Reserve Bank.

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Enormous Physical Gold Demand on at Least Three Continents
Published Aug 2, 2015 on lawrieongold

Contrary to some reports of poor physical gold demand, the latest gold price falls seem to have yet again stimulated big demand on at least three continents. It may have already led to arresting the recent price falls but can it do even better for gold?

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IMF Says More Work Needed on Yuan Reserve-Currency Decision
Published Aug 4, 2015 on Bloomberg.com

The International Monetary Fund said the yuan trails its global counterparts in major benchmarks and that "significant work" in analyzing data is needed before deciding whether to grant the Chinese currency reserve status.

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Puerto Rico Has Triggered The Biggest Municipal Default in US History
Published Aug 4, 2015 on Business Insider

Puerto Rico has triggered the biggest municipal default in US history, risking years of bitter legal warfare with creditors and an austerity "death spiral" with echoes of Greece. The island commonwealth finally ran out of money on Monday after a desperate effort to stay afloat, missing a final deadline for a $58 million payment - handing over just $628,000.

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