You may go in person to the vaults in New York, Toronto, Zurich and Singapore to either:

Withdraw stock (withdraw a part or all of your precious metals stored with our partner)​

- Pick up an order (pick up an order right after purchase, without storage or SSOR issuance)

Our storage partner’s vaults are located in duty-free zones or in bonded warehouses, which lets clients access their precious metals in a safe and discreet environment. There is no need for an employee of Goldbroker to be present. 

Both operations must be requested 48 hours in advance in order to inform our partner of your visit and get your precious metals ready.

New York City (USA)

Goldbroker offers two convenient solutions to access one’s precious metals in New York.

You may go directly to the vault, close to JFK International Airport, or to the outlet located in the center of Manhattan. Both secured locations are managed by our storage partner, Malca-Amit.

  •  Personal pickup: $200
  • Transfer to Manhattan outlet (Midtown): additional charges of $100
Zurich (Switzerland)

The secured vault is ideally located near the Zurich airport.

  • Personal pickup: $200

Withdrawal of physical silver: Once the silver is out of the duty-free zone, one will have to pay the customs declaration and the Swiss VAT of 8%.

Payable directly to our storage partner in cash or by wire transfer.

Singapore (Asia)

Le coffre sécurisé de Malca-Amit est situé dans le Freeport de Singapour, à proximité de l'aéroport international de Changi.

  • Personal pickup: $200
Toronto (Canada)

Have direct access to the secured vault in Toronto to retrieve your precious metals.

  • Personal pickup: $200

Additional Security Services

Malca-Amit personnel are on stand-by to ensure a discreet environment within the secure zone with full CCTV coverage. Additional security, including armed guards, is available on request.


Goldbroker or Malca-Amit cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to precious metals once you remove them from the secure vaults. Therefore, you are advised to arrange for transportation and insurance for when you leave the premises.


Direct shipping is a great alternative way to take possession of your precious metals.