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Facing an Enormous Public Debt, Japanese Starting to Change Attitude Toward Gold
Published by Philippe Herlin | Mar 27, 2014 | Articles

Up until now, Japan was the exception among Asian countries that are hungry for gold (China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia), and even seemed odd, because Japanese people would get rid of their gold, to the point that Japan was showing a negative balance. These days seem like they are over and that awareness has risen in the course of 2013. Does this bode for a big change?

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Interview with Jean-Pierre Chevallier on the banks’ situation in France
Published by Fabrice Drouin Ristori | Mar 25, 2014 | Articles

Risk is high, in any case, for any deposit above 100,000 euros. Let’s not forget that, in French law, banks wield much power. In particular, titles owned by their client are not entirely theirs : banks consider themselves to be the real owners of said titles. In case of forced selling, the bank could sell its clients’ titles, and the clients would only obtain a financial counterparty for the value of those titles when ceded.

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An Overall Look at the Gold Market (Part II) : The Central Banks’ Gold Reserves
Published by Léonard Sartoni | Feb 11, 2014 | Articles

The loss of confidence towards central banks and their gold reserves constitutes the first step of the end game between physical and paper gold. Then investors will lose confidence in certain ETFs like GLD. And the game will end finally with the loss of confidence in the current fiat money system and the countries issuing those currencies (monetary crisis).

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